The Gurbani indicates signs of one’s Union with the Truth. Like a barometer, this can help us in evaluating our own State of the Union with the Truth! ਪ੍ਰਭ ਮਿਲਣੈ ਕੀ … Continue reading“THE SIGN OF UNION WITH GOD”

Wresling Arena – ਛਿੰਝ (Chhinjh)

What is Chhinjh – ਛਿੰਝ ? It is essentially a wresting competition held in an open arena. This colorful festival is celebrated mainly in the rural areas of Punjab. In … Continue reading“Wresling Arena – ਛਿੰਝ (Chhinjh)”

It’s Worth It

It’s worth to pursue the ultimate aim of the human life as mentioned in the Gurbani – become the Gurmukh (spiritual being, follower of the Truth and truthful living, etc.). … Continue reading“It’s Worth It”

The Infinite Gurbani

The Gurbani is a Prescription for life. It prescribes Naam-Simran (meditation) to silence the deadly disease of Haumai (psychological ego), which is essential to understand the Gurbani and to realize the Truth within. … Continue reading“The Infinite Gurbani”