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Sikhs Who Believe In Caste Or Jaat Paat Are Brahmins In Sikh Masks

All Sikhs (learners of the Teaching or the Divine Wisdom of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) — young or old — whether living in India or in other countries must know …

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White Blood In Veins!

According to the Gurbani, belief in caste (Jaat-Paat) is a sheer madness of the crazy mind! Notwithstanding, many who identify themselves as Sikhs, fanatically practice Jaat-Paat! What a travesty of …

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Jaat Paat

Jaat Paat — madness of belief in Jaat Paat (caste) — is the dirty  game played by the wicked mind! In Gurmat (Wisdom, Upadesh or Way of the Sri Guru Granth …

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