Bitter as Nimm

Nimm (ਨਿੰਮ – Azadirachta indica, an Indian lilac tree) is known to be bitter by its very nature. Also called Neem, everything about this tree is bitter — its leaves,… Continue reading Bitter as Nimm

Rol Ghacholaa

The Gurbani tells us that a ‘Mayadhaaree‘ mind is nothing but ‘Rol Ghacholaa‘(‘ਰੋਲ ਘਚੋਲਾ‘) — ‘Rol Ghacholaa’ => uproar, tumult, noise of Maya, noise of false ego-sense (Haumai), noise of… Continue reading Rol Ghacholaa

Suhelaa And Duhelaa

Numerously the Gurbani mentions “Suhelaa (ਸੁਹੇਲਾ)” and “Duhelaa (ਦੁਹੇਲਾ)”. But, according to the Gurbani, who is “Suhelaa (ਸੁਹੇਲਾ)”, and who is “Duhelaa (ਦੁਹੇਲਾ)” in this world? The Gurbani indicates that… Continue reading Suhelaa And Duhelaa