First off the Gurbani is not meant for elephants, crow, dog, camel, monkey, frog, donkey, and so on! Neither they will attend and participate in congregations in Gurdwaras (or any … Continue reading“Elephant-Mind”

Symbolism of Elephant-Crocodile Story

First off all, Gurdwaras or the Gurbani is not meant for elephants and crocodiles, or any other animals or birds for that matter! It’s for the human mind for mends. … Continue reading“Symbolism of Elephant-Crocodile Story”

Trapping of Elephant and Human MIND

Spiritually speaking, when we talk about wild elephants, their three main aspects come to light: (1) elephants’ lustful urges, (2) its conduct, which is like a drunkard being, and (3) … Continue reading“Trapping of Elephant and Human MIND”