Passing Shadow

All things man-made or natural our eyes see must one day perish. So also it is with the human power, success, money, strength, youth, beauty, possessions, status, and so on.… Continue reading Passing Shadow


In addition to ‘Supan-ਸੁਪਨ’ (lit. dream),  ‘Jhooth-ਝੂਠ’ (lit. false, untrue etc.), ‘Koorh-ਕੂੜੁ’ (lit. falsehood etc.), ‘Bharam-ਭਰਮੁ’ (lit. doubt, confusion etc.), ‘Chalanhaar-ਚਲਣਹਾਰੁ’ (lit. fleeting etc.) and so on, the Gurbani calls… Continue reading Mithiya