Mere Seeing of the SGGS Will Not Liberate

Without Shabad-Vichaar, mere seeing (Darshan-ਦਰਸਨ) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) will not and cannot liberate anybody from Maya, doubts, duality, Haumai (false ego-sense), worldly bondage, mind’s delusions, Bikaars, and so on. This is the Gurbani’s edict.

  • ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਨੋ ਸਭੁ ਕੋ ਵੇਖਦਾ ਜੇਤਾ ਜਗਤੁ ਸੰਸਾਰੁ ॥ ਡਿਠੈ ਮੁਕਤਿ ਨ ਹੋਵਈ ਜਿਚਰੁ ਸਬਦਿ ਨ ਕਰੇ ਵੀਚਾਰੁ ॥ ਹਉਮੈ ਮੈਲੁ ਨ ਚੁਕਈ ਨਾਮਿ ਨ ਲਗੈ ਪਿਆਰੁ ॥: Everybody in this the world physically see the Satgur. Nothing going to happen just by seeing (the Satgur); one can not be ‘Mukt‘ (liberated, unentangled, unhindered etc.) until and unless the Message within the Shabad is Reflected upon. (Because, without the Shabad-Vichaar) the filth of Haumai (false ego-sense) is not removed, and love for the Naam (Shabad, Hukam, Divine Virtues, Divine Wisdom, Giaan…) does not get affixed (in the mind). (sggs 594).

Therefore, to preach, propagate, or believe that mere seeing will free or emancipate one is a fallacy and fraud. Ironically, this is what seems to be the emphasis in the Gurdwaras (by the ਲੋਟੂ-ਟੋਲਾ of Bhais, Raagees…).

The foregoing verse also provides us with the clue as to how liberation (Mukti) is realized.

That is, we can only be liberated through the Reflection on the Gur-Shabad (Vichaar of the Gur-Shabad). Because, without the Shabad-Vichaar, the filth of the false ego-sense (Haumai or Bikaar of the mind) does not end. Also, without the Vichaar of the Gur-Shabad, love for the Naam (Gur-Giaan, Aatam-Giaan, Shabad-Giaan, Gurmat…) cannot be implanted in the mind.

The Gurbani cannot be more clear! Why Shabad-Vichaar is must? Because, it is the Shabad-Vichaar that gives rise to Giaan (ਸੂਝ-ਬੂਝ, Gur-Giaan, Aatam-Giaan, Shabad-Giaan, Gurmat, Spiritual Wisdom, Self-Knowledge…). Here the Gurbani further clarifies it:

  • ਗੁਰੁ ਡਿਠਾ ਤਾਂ ਮਨੁ ਸਾਧਾਰਿਆ ॥੭॥: Guru dithaa taan manu sadhaariaa ||7|| (sggs 968).

Here the Gurbani tells us that it is not seeing but it is the Gur-Giaan (the term ਗੁਰੁ – Guru – indicates Giaan, Shabad-Giaan, Gurmat, etc.) that can sustain the mind.

  • ਮਨ ਸਮਝਾਵਨ ਕਾਰਨੇ ਕਛੂਅਕ ਪੜੀਐ ਗਿਆਨ ॥੫॥: To instruct the mind one ought to study Knowledge to some extent. ||5|| (sggs 340).

The Gurbani tells us that our mind can only be restrained by the Gur-Giaan

  • ਗਿਆਨ ਕਾ ਬਧਾ ਮਨੁ ਰਹੈ ਗੁਰ ਬਿਨੁ ਗਿਆਨੁ ਨ ਹੋਇ ॥੫॥: Giaan ka badhaa manu rahai gur bin giaanu n hoi ||5|| (sggs 469).

Once the mind is restrained by the Gur-Giaan, then, as the Gurbani says, this state arises:

  • ਮਨਿ ਜੀਤੈ ਜਗੁ ਜੀਤੁ ॥: Mani jeetai jagu jeetu (sggs 6).

Therefore, according to the Gurbani, Understanding the Gur-Shabad, and then living it is the true state of “ਤੁਧੁ ਡਿਠੇ ਸਚੇ ਪਾਤਿਸਾਹ”: Tudhu dithe sache paatisaah“. With this (ਗੁਰਮਤਿ ਦੇ ਦਰਸਨ) will end  all our inner filth of Bikaars, Haumai, ego, ailments of the mind… (the state of “ਜਿਸ ਡਿਠੇ ਸਭਿ ਦੁਖਿ ਜਾਇ”: Jis dithe sabhi dukhi jaai).

In other words, by merely reading, reciting or singing “… ਜਿਸ ਡਿਠੇ ਸਭਿ ਦੁਖਿ ਜਾਇ ॥” will not bring the end to our mind’s illnesses (filth, Bikaars, Haumai, ego and so on).

So, if we really intend to respect (ਕਦਰ, ਸਤਕਾਰ, reverence, veneration…) the SGGS, then, as the Gurbai urges us, we must search (ਖੋਜ) Giaan (ਗਿਆਨ…) in the Gurbani by becoming the “rare” Gurmukh and live accordingly.

  • ਨਾਨਕ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਬੂਝੈ ਕੋ ਸਬਦੁ ਵੀਚਾਰਿ ॥੧੦॥੧॥: Nanak gurmukhi boojhai ko sabad veechaar (sggs 842).

This is the purport (ਮੁੱਦਾ…) of the Gurbani, not grip or possession (ਕਬਜਾ) of Golak (money) on its name; not corruption on its name; not ਧੜੇਬੰਦੀ on its name (alliances and counter-alliances of Manmukhataa…); not ਲੜਾਈ-ਝਗੜੇ (fight, tussle, contention, etc.) in the Gurdwaras in its name…! The one who truly respects the Gurbani becomes the Gurmukh (Brahm-Giaanee…) and his mind and life get transformed (ਜੀਵਨ ਪਦਵੀ). Because he gets absorbed into the Gurmat (“ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਮਤਿ”, ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਸਿਖਿਆ, the Gurbani’s Teaching …). Thus it’s only the Gurbani’s Giaan that will liberate us.

  • ਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਮਤਿ ਤੂੰ ਲੇਹਿ ਇਆਨੇ ॥ ਭਗਤਿ ਬਿਨਾ ਬਹੁ ਡੂਬੇ ਸਿਆਨੇ ॥: O you ignorant, take the Gurmat (internalize the Message embedded in the Gur-Shabad); without this Bhagti, even very wise (self-willed) persons have succumb to vices/Bikaar (worldly temptations and their corrupting influences – Bhav Saagar…). (sggs 288).


  1. Satnam Sri Waheguru Ji…..I have jus found the shabad that I jus wrote about…WOW….I am amazed at this!!

  2. Satkar jog Gurmukh T. Singh ji
    The moment i visited the and thereafter Akaal Purakh had put HIS divine eye(nadar pai gayi…) on me. I have no words to express my thanks to such gurmukh persons whom akaal purakh has chosen for me to show me the divine path of knowledge. I am in the state of VISMAD how HE has come forward for me in this digital way.
    Gurbani is a Har ka Bilovna (earthen pot) where the milk of Gyan(divine knowlwdge) is put and we have to churn this milk to get the pure butter(makhan, ghee,tat-gyan)
    Har ka bilovna bilovo mere bhai…
    Once the tat gyan is obtained our mann(atma,krishan,trikuti) will disolve(die,without its own desires) into chit(heart,anter-atma,brahm,dasam dwar) and when this tat-gyan becomes prachand-gyan the brahm will become puran-brahm(puran-jot) and Naam (dhur ki bani, anhad shabad dhun, Ram-Ras) will appear there deep within the nucleus of the heart and we become KHALSA (Pure,Nirankar,Sat,Ram).
    Once again lot of thanks(koti-koti dhanwad) to all gurmukh piyare jio.
    Seyi pyare mail jinna milyan tera naam chit awe…
    Gurpreet Singh

  3. Thanks for the Shabad-Vichaar Ji.

    •ਕਹੁ ਕਬੀਰ ਜਨ ਭਏ ਖਾਲਸੇ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਭਗਤਿ ਜਿਹ ਜਾਨੀ ॥: Kahu Kabeer jan bhaye Khaalse prem bhagti jih jaanee: Says Kabeer (sggs 655).

  4. Dear Darshan Singh Khalsa Ji, thank you for your kind words.

    The true teachings and preachings of Gurbani is its Gian/Vichar.

    You are absolutely correct Ji.

    ਗੁਰਮਤਿ ਸੁਨਿ ਕਛੁ ਗਿਆਨੁ ਨ ਉਪਜਿਓ ਪਸੁ ਜਿਉ ਉਦਰੁ ਭਰਉ ॥: Gurmati suni kashu giaanu n upjio pasu jiou udaru bharaou. (sggs 685).

  5. Gubani blog is the best page to learn about Gurbani. The true teachings and preachings of Gurbani is its Gian/Vichar. This is what we are lacking in Sikh society. We do need more and more sitting with the Sikh Sangat to explain the true teaching/preaching of Gurbani. Gurbani blog is the best way to explain the true Gurbani explanation among the younger generation of Sikh society. False and made stories have no place in Gurbani explanation. Only true Gurbani Gian/Vichar should be preached. Thanks Gurbani Blog.

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