Happy New Year!

Once again — with the plastic smiles — it’s that time of annual ‘Parpanch’ or ‘Pakhand‘ (ostentation, show off, hypocrisy, Mayaic affair, artifice etc.) to greet or send messages saying ‘HAPPY… Continue reading Happy New Year!


People consider ਬੁਧਵਾਰ (Wednesday) Shubh (of good omen, happy, auspicious, fortunate, propitious, welcome, lucky, etc.). Things people don’t do on on Tuesday, they don’t mind taking care of them on… Continue reading Wednesday


We are conditioned from the childhood to consider ਮੰਗਲਵਾਰ or Tuesday as Ashubh (unfortunate, inelegant, bad, untoward, potentious, evil, ill-omened, ill-boding, unfavorable, inauspicious, calamity, ill-luck, and so on.). Consequently, people… Continue reading Tuesday