Generally of orange or saffron color, a Siropa (pronounced Siropaa – ਸਿਰੋਪਾ ) is a garment, scarf or a length of cloth. You might have often seen Siropa  giving/taking ceremonies… Continue reading Siropa

Rol Ghacholaa

The Gurbani tells us that a ‘Mayadhaaree‘ mind is nothing but ‘Rol Ghacholaa‘(‘ਰੋਲ ਘਚੋਲਾ‘) — ‘Rol Ghacholaa’ => uproar, tumult, noise of Maya, noise of false ego-sense (Haumai), noise of… Continue reading Rol Ghacholaa

The Dog’s Tail

The previous post touched upon the use of idioms (ਮੁਹਾਵਰੇ) in the Gurbani. When the Truth that has not been personally experienced, one can not grasp it directly. However, with… Continue reading The Dog’s Tail