What comes and goes is not Real

The Gurbani’s edict is what comes and goes is time-bound, thus unreal (“ਸੋ ਕਾਚੋ ਕਾਚਾ”). In other words, that which is Real never ends, and that which ends is not … Continue reading “What comes and goes is not Real”

Mind Knowingly Commits Demerits

The Gurbani tells us that – driven by Maya’s love or hunger – the Jeev (individual being) is brimful with demerits (ਅਵਗੁਣ / ਅਉਗਨ = defect, fault, mistakes, blemish, Bikaar, … Continue reading “Mind Knowingly Commits Demerits”

How does Thakur abides in Consciousness

The Gurbani never gets tired of reminding us that the Thakur (the Lord, Truth, Source, Origin, Jot, Mool, ਸਚ…) is ever present within the Heart. But, due to cataract of … Continue reading “How does Thakur abides in Consciousness”

Sri Guru Granth Sahib on Rahat

[Announcing New Gurbani Reflection at this Blog’s Parent Site. There You will Find hundreds More.] ਜਿਨਿ ਜਾਤਾ ਤਿਸ ਕੀ ਇਹ ਰਹਤ ॥ Jini jaataa tis kee ih Rahat : This … Continue reading “Sri Guru Granth Sahib on Rahat”

Hirdaa-the Spiritual Heart

Hirda (pronounced as Hirdaa-“ਹਿਰਦਾ”…) mentioned in many Shabads of the Gurbani is not the physical heart that pumps blood in the body, which can be dissected by the surgeon’s knife. … Continue reading “Hirdaa-the Spiritual Heart”

Man minus ego becomes Godlike

A computer virus infects the computer and ruins it. To bring the computer back to its original state, removal of the virus and cleansing of any damage done by it … Continue reading “Man minus ego becomes Godlike”

When “This” and “That” blend to become “One”…

“This” (“ਇਹੁ”) = Jeeva (individual being), the mind… “That” (“ਓਹੁ”) =  Mool (ਮੂਲ), Jot, Source, Origin, Brahm … The Gurbani reminds us we are to Realize our Jot-Saroop, and thus … Continue reading “When “This” and “That” blend to become “One”…”


Linking back with the Mool (call it Realisation of God, Reality, Truth, or whatever you like) is the goal of human birth. The Gurbani time and again indicates that this … Continue reading “Self-Transcendence”

Know the Mool – Who Am I?

The Supreme Message of the Gurbani is (if we want to put it in words): Know Yourself, Recognize or Realize Your Mool (Origin, Root, Source, Reality, Truth – Jot Saroop…). … Continue reading “Know the Mool – Who Am I?”