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The Dog’s Tail

The previous post touched upon the use of idioms (ਮੁਹਾਵਰੇ) in the Gurbani. When the Truth that has not been personally experienced, one can not grasp it directly. However, with … Read more

Crookedness of the Mind

Both the ocean and the wave are water. Waves arise at the surface of the ocean due to wind. If there is no wind created disturbance (e.g., deep below the … Read more


Generally spelt as Haramkhor but pronounced as Haraamkhor – ਹਰਾਮਖੋਰ  = ਹਰਾਮ + ਖੋਰ = One who persists on unrighteous earnings of others, who makes his earnings by doing what he … Read more


Worldly persons (the Manmukhs) practice ਕੁਟਿਲਤਾ – Kutilataa – live a life of crookedness, perversions, wickedness, Bikaar, Haumai (ego), and so on. Worldly persons (i.e., Manmukhs) are Bikaaree (lusty, greedy, … Read more