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Bitter Nature As Nimm

Nimm (ਨਿੰਮ – Azadirachta indica, an Indian lilac tree) is known to be bitter by its very nature. Also called Neem, everything about this tree is bitter — its leaves, … [Full Post→]

Treat others as you want others treat you

There is this golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. The Gurbani advocated this golden rule several centuries ago, but with much more depth! ਆਪੁ ਜਨਾਇ … [Full Post→]


Generally spelt as Haramkhor but pronounced as Haraamkhor – ਹਰਾਮਖੋਰ  = ਹਰਾਮ + ਖੋਰ = One who persists on unrighteous earnings of others, who makes his earnings by doing what he … [Full Post→]

Human Conduct

There exist good qualities (Divine Nature or Virtues: truthful living, and so on) and not so good qualities (demonic nature or qualities, etc.) in us – human beings. The Gurbani … [Full Post→]